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For over a decade Libby Copa has been helping writers strengthen their writing. 

She began her professional editing career in her last year as an undergraduate at Prescott College. Word had gotten around the campus about her mad editing skills and she was offered a position organizing and editing a professor’s book on the history of the college.

She went on to receive her M.F.A in Creative Writing from Hamline University, focusing on historical fiction, dystopian and apocalyptic fiction, and poetry.  

After receiving her degrees, she spent a handful of years working for the Dakota County Library system, while also managing her own business: Sherman Writing Services. 

Always desiring to give back to her community, she spent eight years as a volunteer staff and editor at Spout Press, three years as a volunteer writing coach for the Veterans Writing Project, and continues to collect books to send to military personnel through Operation Paperback.

Her own writing has appeared in literary journals across the country, including Hanging Loose, DASH, and Matter

Libby is a longtime supporter of small and indie publishing, as well as the DIY underground arts scene. She spent years in the zine world writing Sour Girl and The Way Fish Love, as well as supporting local slam poetry contests and other literary events. 

She advocates for youth to use writing to express themselves, teaching youth creative writing classes in the Twin Cities community and at the Women’s Empowerment Breakthrough conference in Arizona. 

Libby currently lives in Minnesota with her husband and loving, but high-maintenance cat. 

She is working toward her dream of living on the road in an airstream and traveling internationally for months at a time. 



“A Photograph of This Girl” and “The Viking Front” – Monday Night

“Maps” – Sin Fronteras/Writers Without Borders

“Twenty-Seven Scarves” – Blakelight

“Under the Floors of Churches” – Adelaide Literary Magazine

“As with Jazz” - WINK

“New Years Eve, NYC”, “Girl Interrupted at Her Music” and “Magic”- Quail Bell Magazine

“Becoming An Anarchist For Love” -  DASH Literary Journal

“Silver Skin” - Word Fountain

“Jack” - make the poem like the church Anthology, Red Bird Chapbooks

“Orion – The Hunter” - Artichoke Haircut

“Then There Was The Buffalo” - Matter Journal

“Ex-boyfriend”, “Portraits of Crazy Men” and “The Waters We Learned From” - Breadcrumb Scabs

“Doorways” - Threshold

 “Mermaid” and “Little Cinderella’s Brick Layers” - Hanging Loose Journal

“Adios Estados Unidos”, “The Inside-Out Room”, “Little Cinderella’s Brick Layers” and “Travel Movement” - Constant Random Change in the Form of Beauty, Porchlight Press


Sour Girl Zine

The Way Fish Love Zine


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