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Includes testimonials from my time as Sherman Writing Services (SWS).


"Libby has years of experience and it comes through in her editorial notes. She knows how to help with a wide range of problems, from character arcs to pacing. She's also a great person to chat with and is willing to coach an author through a rough draft with humor and sensitivity. I love working with her and I can't imagine making my writing journey without her."

- Suzanna Linton,

“Without Libby, my book would not be what it is today — and there is a publisher who is interested in it. I'm also pleased with the affordability and professionalism... I will always use the services from now on.”

- Marija Carpenter,

“As a novice author I did not know what step to take after completing my manuscript. Luckily I was given Libby's contact information. I sent her my book hoping to get feedback and recommendations. She read my manuscript and provided excellent evaluation, editing, and coaching. Her suggestions have given me clear direction and encouragement. Her commentary is more than I could have expected and is the motivation I need to complete my book.”

 -Tim Norman

"With as many editing services as there are out there, I'm always skeptical about what they're actually offering. I've heard so many horror stories. So when I needed my first book edited, I sought out recommendations from other authors and came across Sherman Writing Services. They were actually hosting a contest at the time and I won coverage for the beginning of my book, which I thought would be a great way to test them out. I was not disappointed. In fact, I loved the notes so much that I immediately worked on revisions they gave me and planned out when I could book them for a full manuscript critique. They were quick to respond and incredibly helpful when I had questions. And the notes I received helped in more way than I can adequately express. I will be using Sherman Writing Services again soon and I can't wait to keep this collaboration going. They didn't just make my story better. I believe they helped make me a better writer."

-Jennifer Acres,

"SWS has provided invaluable help with my second novel. Libby Copa not only helped me to see the many repetitive mistakes I was making with the manuscript, but always had suggestions as how to make my writing tighter and to ensure my characters' actions made sense. I am without a doubt a much better writer today with the help of her work. I also appreciated that she sent a letter with each set of pages detailing her thoughts and including suggestions. I would recommend SWS to anyone looking for a great editing service." 

- John Abraham-Watne,

"When I started the writing process, I was hesitant to do anything with my manuscript. After a lot of prodding from friends and family, I decided to have a professional look it over. An author friend put out a call on twitter and Sherman Writing Services answered. Namely, Libby. I've enjoyed working with her. She gives honest, eye-opening and rewarding, feedback. I look forward to our future endeavors."

-Natalie Money,

"I am very pleased with the professionalism and affordability of Sherman Writing Services. As a struggling writer, it is encouraging to know that I don't have to wait until I have a finished manuscript and thousands of dollars saved before submitting my work to an editor. SWS allows me to submit my work as I am able, and provides professional editing and honest, timely feedback in a budget-friendly package. I highly recommend Sherman Writing Services to all my writer friends."

-Lisa Pedersen

"After winning a contest through Sherman Writing Services to receive a fifty page edit of my novel, I was a little hesitant about following through. I followed them on twitter and enjoyed their posts, but this was my baby! Did I really want to share it with strangers? But...I took the plunge and followed through anyway. And guess what? I am absolutely thrilled to have done so. From the moment I contacted them, to the moment I received their edits in the mail, they were professional and courteous, and obviously knew what they were doing. Sherman Writing Services gave me the confidence to change some things in my manuscript and in turn I have some fabulous things in the works because of it. Thank you so much for the opportunity, and I will definitely be recommending you to all my author friends."

-Heather Van Fleet,

"My novel had lots of reads by many capable individuals before it was published by a small press. Everyone who read it had different ideas on what should be changed, added, removed. When I received my critique from Sherman Writing Services I was given feedback that was completely unique, and I was thrilled to see the depth of my story blossom after inputting the edits. SWS was professional and helpful. I was told what I did right as well as what needed fixing. Getting positive feedback along with the constructive piece is paramount to me. As a writer I don't want to lose what I've been doing well because it isn't pointed out. So I was thrilled to get information on both sides from SWS. My characters and my plot grew after utilizing the suggestions from SWS, and I was offered a contract shortly after finishing my editing. I have since published my novel, In The Rearview, and it is definitely in part to the help from SWS. I will certainly be using them again!"

-Maria Ann Green

"At the very beginning stages of editing my memoir, The Wench's Cocktale, I used Sherman Writing Services. My work was viewed and sent back to me with advice on how to improve the manuscript. It was amazing because, with their help, I was able to edit and revise my work to make it more enjoyable for the reader. The unique quality of commentary received from SWS was appreciated. Thanks!"

-Jo Bruno

"I have loved working with Sherman Writing Services, specifically with Libby. I am brand-new to book writing and I have found this site on twitter. At first, I was skeptical of what type of feedback I would receive and did the Partial Novel Consult, but I was given amazing feedback. I have grown so much as a writer in the few months I've utilized this service. I even came back and submitted a Full Novel Consult upon finishing my first ever manuscript. I look forward to more positive and encouraging feedback soon."

-Kendra Felder


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